Marche lentils are small size and uniform color, have a thin skin and cook in thirty minutes with no need to soak.
The lentil (Lens esculenta): the bread of the poor, was among the first vegetables grown and consumed by man; from excavations in Turkey if there are traces dating back to 5500 BC in ancient times and were held in high esteem if you think that, from the biblical statement, Esau sold it to his brother Jacob his birthright for a mess of pottage.

The lentil, the most digestible of all legumes, has the characteristic of having small dimensions, variegated color and collects a set of local ecotypes, in common with the characteristics of branch, flavor, color and culture, derived from the plot francoargilloso and techniques cultivation, unchanged for centuries. Only the Lentil thick skin must be kept to soak before being cooked.

A tip for the lentil? Take her to the pork rind or zampone or cotechino: give life to a dish to be presented in the table during the holiday year-end. Very digestible suggest, also, in isalata summer with fresh cheese and basil pesto

Weight: 500 grams