We cultivate our land directly, growing the very best products and transforming them with passion to enhance the flavours.

Fruit preserves produced by local independent traditional producers – the idea derives principally from the compulsion not to forget flavours, scents and tastes impressed deep in our memories by our grandmothers’ constant reminders never to “waste” the fruit of the season.

Produce with a small, “limited” harvest: the preparation of these preserves requires a minimal addition of sugar because the fruit has matured in the sun. For acidification we use only and exclusively lemon juice; thus keeping  the list of ingredients to a minimum.

The best pulses of the Marche:  these are simple but good, cultivated in the pure, non-polluting

zones of the Marche Apennines, keeping in mind that the land is more than inheritance from our

fathers – it Is a loan to pass on to our children.

Pulses such as beans, chickpeas and lentils fall within today’s “simple cuisine”; they are part of the rural tradition of Le Marche and are being reintroduced and valued in the marketplace and modern gastronomy. Our pulses are the principal source of protein and other nutrients in the modern Mediterranean diet, thanks to the simplicity and quality of the products.